Unblock Your Team

Take control of your service-oriented architecture

SOA was supposed to make development faster. Instead...

  • You're stuck behind a tangle of flaky services. When they're down, your own system goes down.
  • You're constantly blocked waiting for new APIs, data, and bug fixes.
  • You're at the mercy of others' schedules for even simple changes. Other services are black boxes and off-limits.

Take Control

Spike gives your teams control over the network that connects services together. Instead of blindly calling services and failing whenever there is a problem elsewhere, Spike provides a layer of protection and functionality that will keep your team and the entire system moving. It's fast, easy to deploy, easy to scale, and secure.

Simulate errors safely, before they occur in production

Inject 400s, 500s, or random errors anywhere in the SOA pipeline, to ensure that your applications handle errors well.

Total visibility

Collect timing and response statistics. View in the app or send to Splunk, etc. Timelines and call graphs for your entire network. See which services run in parallel. Find bottlenecks.

Manage endpoints

Re-route your service calls with a single click, without code changes or reloading your application.

Inspect data

Easy access to data as it flows through the system. Find chatty and bloated services quickly.

Mock services

Capture responses and play them back later. No more blocked teams when a backend goes down.